All of our support is guided by the following principles:

  • Be clear about the scope of the work from the outset
  • Ensure this scope is clearly conveyed when getting started
  • Ensure there is a defined implementation plan that is communicated to all
  • Have in place your policies and gatekeepers for delivery to ensure that deadlines, outcomes and finances are controlled
  • Carry out a thorough evaluation to ensure success for any new or existing venture

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Project Delivery

Project Management provides the principles under which to steer a project, but it takes more than just careful management to make a project successful. It takes teams, systems, processes and suppliers. Our experience will help you to plan for the unforeseeable, evaluate risk, and get creative when the unexpected hits you.

Event Delivery

We have scoped, managed, supported and evaluated events ranging from community-based training to global sporting tournaments. Working extensively across the public and private sectors has given us a unique insight into how to make challenging events a great successful.

Bid Management

We have experience working on both sides of the bidding process: managing the creation of successful bids, as well as helping organisations to write invitations to tender (ITT) and evaluate proposals.

Advice and Guidance

We have delivered projects ranging from the evaluation of wastewater on arable farming to the production and launch of electric sports cars; small community-based training events for 15 people to a General Assembly for over 50 nations.

Whatever context you are delivering in, we are confident you will benefit from our experience and learning’s.